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Monday, January 5, 2015

Authority of the Teaching of the Apostles


Many people think the teachings presented by apostles or prophets, especially Paul, are somehow less authoritative than what Jesus Himself personally spoke.

* A "philosophy major," when I quoted Acts 2:38, said that was just Peter expressing his opinion.

* A feminist said I based all my beliefs on the teaching of "that old reprobate, the apostle Paul."

* A Muslim leader (El Dareer) in debate claimed that Paul's teaching differed from that of Jesus. Other people have claimed that Paul's teaching disagreed with that of Peter.

* A defender of homosexuality said that "Jesus said nothing about gays" - meaning that He personally said nothing, so we can disregard clear teachings in the epistles regarding homosexuality.

* Others have said that the apostles, especially Paul, did not show as good an attitude as Jesus in teaching: they expressed less love and tolerance but were more condemning of other people's views.

* For these reasons, some follow only the "Red Letters" as being necessary to salvation.

To such people, what Jesus said may be worth considering, but other teaching in the New Testament is optional. They feel free to reject the teaching of some apostle or prophet, especially Paul, if they don't like it.

The purpose of this study is to consider the teachings of the apostles and prophets, especially Paul, and compare their authority to that of Jesus' teachings.