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Sunday, April 6, 2014

God’s Explanation about Job’s Suffering

(The following is the conclusion of our Commentary on the Book of Job. To learn more about our commentaries and books, go to

One wonders, as the story of the book of Job concludes, at the fact that God never did explain to Job the real reason for his suffering. We were told the reason in the very beginning of the book, yet the record nowhere states that God ever told Job. Over and over Job and his friends disputed the reason why Job was suffering. This one issue was the major theme of the book till God spoke. Yet the book ends without Job or his friends ever learning the answer! This used to really frustrate me. It almost appears that God missed the point of the discussion – that He never even discussed the real issue. But of course, we must never think God makes a mistake – that would be similar to the error Job committed. So why did God not answer Job’s questions?