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Monday, March 4, 2013

Days of Creation: Literal Days or Long Ages?

Should we view the "days" of Genesis 1 as long periods to harmonize with evolutionary "science," or are they literal, consecutive days? To weaken the doctrine about the days of creation is to weaken the doctrine of creation itself, which in turn undermines faith in God and the Bible as God's word. (Note that "day" must have the same meaning for each of the "days" of creation.) Here is a brief summary of the evidence in the Bible.

Transubstantiation, the Mass, and Holy Eucharist


Suppose I show you a picture of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, then I say, "This is Abraham Lincoln, President of the USA." How would you react?

Most would understand that I meant this is a statue of Abraham Lincoln that serves as a memorial that reminds us of him. But suppose someone responds, "You said, 'This is Abraham Lincoln.' You mean Abraham Lincoln is a statue? How can you say our president is made of stone?"

That illustrates the issue in this study.

This study considers whether or not the elements of communion literally and physically become Jesus' body and blood.

The Nature Of The Holy Spirit


The purpose of this study is to consider the nature of the Holy Spirit and especially whether or not the Holy Spirit is a Diving Being who possesses Deity as part of the Godhead, like God the Father and God the Son.